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Dream Inspired Art

Underwater creatures, pickle people, and more. Each piece of art has it's own story.

All of our artwork is inspired by Monica's bizarre dreams.

The art starts on paper with pencil and sharpie and is then brought into the computer to be coloured and finished.

Want to know the dream that inspired each piece of art?

Check out the video on each product page.

Meet Danica

We’re Dan and Monica but you can call us Danica.

We're both neurodivergent artists.

We met in fall 2014 when we were students at Georgian College and we've been together ever since.

Dan focuses on photo and video. Monica loves making art across different mediums including drawings, paintings, and digital art.

We also believe in embracing the weirdness that life has to offer.

There's a lot of pressure out there to fit into someone else's idea of "normal". We've never agreed with that.

We say just be yourself. If people think you're weird for being your then be weird and be you.

Stay strange.


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