Our Story

Danica Daydreams is a brand that believes in embracing the weirdness that life has to offer. In a world that often encourages others to blend in, we’re here to say that strangeness is a strength and not a weakness.

Danica Daydreams was founded by and is run by Monica Levac and her husband Dan Hendley. With Monica focusing on creating new original artwork and Dan focusing on weird and unique marketing. 

Monica loves creating art and has a long history of making art through different mediums. These include acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings, and clay sculptures. Her art is often inspired by dreams and features fantastical subjects and settings while also providing a hint of mystery.

In 2017 Monica discovered her passion of creating shirts featuring her own artwork. She started by screen printing the art onto each shirt by hand and would regularly have friends, family, and others ask for a Monica Levac original. With demand steadily rising, she decided to start a business where she could sell her unique and professionally printed art all across Canada with her fiancé Dan.

Dan has a deep love of art and has been exploring art through his photography and videography. His work often leans into the abstract and the absurd and is inspired by the strangeness of day to day life. Dan and Monica met in 2014 at Georgian College where Dan was studying photography. Shortly after graduating, Dan began working at a nearby camera store where he was able to learn more about sales and marketing while also spending his days surrounded by other creatives. 

When Monica brought up the idea of starting a business to sell her artwork, Dan started to think of ways he could get involved. Very soon they started brainstorming ideas for new art, wacky commercials, and all their ideas for the future.

At Danica Daydreams, we hope that you enjoy our products, our videos, and everything in between. Never forget to be confident in yourself, stay strange, and pray to the octopus gods every morning if that’s what makes you happy.